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Welcome To The Penny Stock Quest!


Please read this Disclaimer first.

This is one trader's quest to "make it" in the world of penny stocks. Yes, that's correct. I included penny stocks in the same sentence with the words "make it". Those nasty, sometimes manipulated, hyped, paid-promoted, greasey, and dark side of The Force securities that we are all told to stay away from...except for me and a lot of other people also. I see it like this: if there is an opportunty in a given market and it shows up on my radar then go after it and try to make a buck. The results shown here are real and are pulled directly from my trading account. No spreadsheet graphs or similar 'edited' results here, real trades. Winners and losers. Follow along with my quest to succeed and even start your own quest here if you want!

In the past penny stocks were defined as stocks that traded for less than one dollar. However, recently the Securities and Exchange Commission changed that definition to include those stocks that are trading under $5 per share. This site will focus on stocks trading from about anywhere between 50 cents a share to $15 per share or so. I just don't think that naming this website The Trading Quest For Stocks Between 50 Cents And $15 had a nice ring to it. Do you?

I hope in some way you find this website useful to your trading endeavors. As time goes by this site will contiue to grow in its usefulness and functionality. Feel free to contact me for suggestions to the site, broken links, spelling errors, etc. Last but not least, TRADE SMART!

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